Digital transformation adds event-sharing capability

Professor Jim Al-Khalili speaking at this year’s Northern Ireland Science Festival

Back in June we soft-launched a new platform through which our community can more easily discover physics events. Now we’ve added the option to create your own.

The events service is a tool to be used by our community – spanning from members of the public and school students to our professional members in academia, business, education and government – to share their events with one another and with the wider public.

Events had emerged as a natural priority for us when looking at how to empower our community and this facility is spearheading a much broader overhaul of our digital presence – both in the services we offer and in how what we offer is presented.

We are working to understand our audiences in a way we haven’t before, capturing that understanding, pushing our own innovation and creativity to find the right channels, and connecting our content for users to discover.

We’ll be improving our digital offerings little by little and piece by piece – this addition of the capability to create events being the first example of that incremental advancement.

We’re focusing on what content we and others produce, how people discover that content, and how we can develop digital services that meet our users’ needs.

In time, we’ll have a digital front-end that will allow you to personalise and prioritise the content and services that you receive through us.

We’ll strive to keep our community updated on our progress in empowering you through digital. For now – get creating your events!

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Rachel Youngman

Rachel Youngman

Rachel is the IOP's chief operating officer
Rachel Youngman

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