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IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: From horticulture to physics teaching….

By Jo M | 28 Oct, 2014 | 1 Comment
John - 2014 Scholar

One of the many benefits of the IOP teacher training scholarships programme is that it provides an opportunity for ‘career changers’ to make a secure move into the teaching profession. John, one of our current scholars is a great example of this. Before deciding to retrain as a physics teacher, John enjoyed a career in horticulture, but […]

The first time I taught: Measuring Speed with Ticker-timers

By CarolIne D | 1 Oct, 2014 | 3 Comments

Lauren has now been teaching physics for five years. Towards the end of her PGCE, she had to teach a lesson on speed. A colleague recommended she use ticker-timers. This is what happened – and how it influenced her subsequent lessons This was the plan… I hadn’t used ticker-timers since I was in school but […]

IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: They’re back….

By Jo M | 29 Sep, 2014 | 0 Comments
Charlotte - 2013 IOP Teacher Training Scholar

Do you remember Charlotte, one of the IOP Teacher Training scholars we featured back in October 2013? Well, Charlotte successfully completed her SCITT physics teacher training in July and has recently commenced the new school year as a Newly Qualified Teacher. We caught up with Charlotte in the summer holidays to find out how things went […]

Student teacher: I’ve finished my PGCE

By CarolIne D | 27 Jun, 2014 | 0 Comments
lady blogger resized

Mia has completed her training year and reflects on how it went It’s over! They tell me I have QTS… just waiting for the letter to confirm! The final week of the course was in uni, not really doing much to be honest. We had a day with all the scientists together and then a […]

NQT blog: I was told the last few weeks would be relaxed, calm and easy

By CarolIne D | 27 Jun, 2014 | 0 Comments
Teaching physics... nothing to fear?

As term winds down, Lisa finds herself busy with unexpected tasks such as UCAS forms and fixing the school telescope, plus she still has to tame her Year 9s. Given the choice, would she rather be a stay at home mum?   End of year exams marked, check. Reports written years 7 – 9, almost check. UCAS […]

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