IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: Choosing the right career…

When Laura started university she knew she wanted to pursue a career that would make full use of her physics degree and subject knowledge. After joining a physics outreach group and spending time in a secondary school, she soon realised that teaching could be just the career she was looking for…

Laura – 2014 IOP Scholar

“It was not until I started working with school children that I realised how rewarding it is to be a physics teacher. I loved how engaged and inspired students could become from seeing physics presented in a fun and clear way. Having decided that teaching was a possible career choice for me, I decided to search for opportunities to spend time within a school so I could confirm I fully understood what being a teacher entailed.”

Laura was lucky enough to secure a five week placement in a school, which confirmed her desire to become a physics teacher:

“During this time I was able to integrate into a school’s science department, allowing me to become fully involved in a teaching lifestyle. I found although I had to work hard, the rewards outweighed the effort.

“The route that I have now chosen to take into teaching is through doing a PGCE at a university. I felt that the strong support available from the university and the schools in which I will be placed will be invaluable over the course of my year as a trainee teacher.”

She was also awarded an IOP Teacher Training Scholarship which is providing £25,000 funding and valuable academic support through her training year:

“The IOP scholarship has meant that pursuing a career in teaching is as financially viable as other career paths I could have taken after leaving university, meaning I can train to do something I really want to do without worrying about money issues.

“I feel the best advantage of being an IOP scholar is the support that comes from being a part of the IOP and access to the IOP mentoring schemes.  For me to be the best teacher I can be, I feel I need to learn from people with lots of experience and am very lucky I have access to someone who I can ask any questions I may have.”

Teaching physics gives you the opportunity to put the subject knowledge you gained from your physics degree course into practice. You will have the chance to explore physics with a young, challenging and inquisitive audience, which makes every day in the classroom unique!

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