IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: My volunteering inspiration…

Volunteering inspired Miranda to look further into a career in teaching physics. She took a break from her role in cancer research to gain different experiences and decide whether to continue in research or to try something new.

Miranda - 2014 IOP Teacher Training Scholar
Miranda – 2014 IOP Teacher Training Scholar

I gained experience with young people through a local Girl Guide group; I loved doing the science badge with them. When I tried to remember the best experiments we did in science when I was at school – it was all physics. I found myself wanting to explain how and why those experiments worked and it was great having fun at the same time!

“To begin my career in teaching I completed a subject knowledge enhancement course (SKE). I then chose to train on a Science with Physics programme. This route offered two different school placements, giving me greater exposure to different school environments and methods.

“When I started my teacher training I was looking forward to the ‘Eureka!’ moments. When kids really understand how something works and they can link what I’ve taught them to something they’ve seen or experienced in day to day life.

“I also applied for the IOP Teacher Training Scholarship. During the interview process there were some great scientific discussions happening, and they weren’t over my head at all! Overall the scholarship has helped me to feel part of a wider community as well as more confident in my physics abilities.”

It’s not too late to apply for teacher training or for an IOP Teacher Training Scholarship. You can be part of a community of physics trainees, just as Miranda is, gaining additional support and benefits of a scholarship by visiting