IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: Now is the time to teach…

Joella never doubted that she would one day pursue a career in teaching physics, but she didn’t feel ready to make the move until now…


Joella - 2014 IOP Teacher Training Scholar
Joella – 2014 IOP Teacher Training Scholar

Teaching is something I’ve always wanted to do but had never felt quite ready until now.

“Before embarking on teacher training I was working full time for a charity as a supporter relations executive. I’ve worked in a couple of different jobs since I graduated but never felt satisfied by them. None of them gave me the opportunity to inspire, motivate and have a real impact on a young person’s life as you can do with teaching. I find the opportunities and potential challenges of teaching incredibly exciting and this is what has drawn me to the teaching profession.

“I really enjoyed physics at school and had two great physics teachers. I was lucky to have quite a few great teachers at school and it’s when I look back now that I realise what an impact they had on my life.

“I’m training to be a teacher via the School Direct route. I chose this route after talking to some School Direct students last year, they really recommended the scheme and felt that the extra time they spent at the school at the beginning of the year really made them feel part of the school they were placed in.

“Being awarded the IOP scholarship is an incredible honour. It means I can really focus on getting the most out of my training year without having to worry about my finances. It has also been great meeting other IOP scholars and having a network of physics teacher trainees to share stories, worries and successes with. Having a mentor outside of my university and school is also really helpful, as it means I have someone else to ask for advice and chat to.

“I hope that I’m soon able to start challenging and inspiring young people in the same way my physics teachers did for me.”

A new year often invokes thoughts of a new career and a fresh start. I
f you are considering a more rewarding and satisfying career, don’t overlook the benefits of a career in teaching. Not only will you make the most of the skills and physics knowledge you have acquired, you will leave work at the end of the day feeling satisfied that you are inspiring others and improving their future. What’s more, you could even get up to £25,000 tax-free funding to help you train.

There has never been a better time to start a career in the classroom.