IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: Teaching physics is doing physics…

In the last of our IOP scholar blog series for 2014, we would like to introduce you to Doug.

Doug always knew he wanted to become a teacher because he could not think of a better way to explore and share his love for physics…

Doug - IOP Scholar 2014
Doug – IOP Scholar 2014


“For me, teaching is by far the best and most fun career I can think of. It is a way to share my love for the subject and constantly be involved with it. Teaching physics is doing physics!

“Before starting teacher training I was studying mathematics and physics at university. I then spent a year working at a state boarding school, both in a boarding house and in the science department.

“I have now chosen to take the university-led PGCE route into teaching because I want the chance to get two contrasting experiences in schools. I think it is so important to be exposed to as many different styles of teaching as possible to gain ideas and broaden my horizons.

“Teaching should be of the highest quality and I therefore hope teaching physics will push me to develop an even greater understanding of everyday physics. I’m also really looking forward to learning some educational theory during my training.

“The networking opportunities that come with the IOP scholarship will provide ideas and methods of teaching that otherwise may not occur to me. Having a multitude of methods to teach different people with different styles of learning is important, and so talking to as many other physics teachers as possible is an invaluable resource.”

There really hasn’t been a more rewarding time to become a physics teacher. Not only could you receive up to £25,000 tax-free funding through the IOP Teacher Training Scholarships programme, you can also access a wealth of free IOP support and resources throughout your career.

To find out more about life as a physics teacher, watch this short video of an A-level physics lesson in action.