New events platform spearheads digital transformation

We’ve now soft-launched a new digital events platform on a beta site – the first new service that we’re introducing as part of the delivery of our strategy through digital.

Events are central to so much of what our community does. When we started sketching out solutions to better empower that community, and to increase member engagement and participation, this service emerged as a natural priority.

We think this service will make it much easier to discover events, and thereby substantially increase attendance. As part of the phased release we’ll also start to capture user engagement and preferences, and will be helping our community to create events of their own.

This development represents a very different approach to how we think about community engagement. Having recognised that our digital portfolio was in a bit of a rut and that a new approach was needed to deliver a step-change, we teamed up last year with Amphio, our digital partners.

Through the sketching of solutions, expert interviews, prototyping and user testing, all a few times over, involving many staff and members, we’ve developed a more and more detailed understanding of how our users want to discover physics events. Over the past three months, we’ve built what you can now see at

If you click through to the service you’ll also notice the introduction of a new logo. The logo visually summarises some of the changes that we are thinking through as part of the brand refresh that has been running alongside this digital work. We need our brand to be reflective of the central role played by our community. To this end, the logo reflects a lens design concept that will be used in much of our imagery to demonstrate the transformative effect of working with our community.

The building of a refreshed brand identity and development of our new digital design is iterative. As we test, we welcome feedback and will look at analytics to help us understand what works, then refine and adapt.

Tell us what you think. Be honest. Let us know how we can make it better.  We’ll act on that feedback and do whatever we can to make sure that our services meet our members’ needs.

  • Our membership offer, discovery of volunteering opportunities, and continuing professional development are just some of our services currently going through prototyping and design – so keep looking for more to come online
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Rachel Youngman

Rachel Youngman

Rachel is the IOP's chief operating officer
Rachel Youngman

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