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Today’s physics news: Brian May warns of threat from a meteor strike, and a ‘leap second’ to be added tonight

By SophieH | 30 Jun, 2015 | 0 Comments

    Brian May warns of catastrophic threat to Earth from asteroids – video Queen guitarist and astrophysicist Brian May warns of the threat to Earth from a meteor strike. He’s among a group of experts calling for more effort to find and track potentially dangerous asteroids. ‘We are under threat from a meteor strike. […]

Today’s physics news: A robot alter ego, and new results from ATLAS show an intriguing anomaly

By SophieH | 29 Jun, 2015 | 0 Comments

Credit: ATR Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory The robotics pioneer – and his robot alter ego One tours the world giving lectures, the other is an actual human. Meet robotics pioneer Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro – and his alter ego. The Times Women scientists selected for career advancement scheme SUSTAIN programme includes year-long training programme. Twenty female scientists have […]

Today’s physics news: Pluto-bound probe faces its toughest task, and a solar burp

By SophieH | 26 Jun, 2015 | 0 Comments

    Pluto-bound probe faces its toughest task: finding Pluto New Horizons nears dwarf planet whose full orbit has never been mapped. Some 4.7 billion kilometres from Earth, the New Horizons spacecraft is heading for a historic rendezvous with Pluto. To achieve this, it will need to hit a very small target: an imaginary rectangle […]

Today’s physics news: A lightning machine, severe weather and eight science myths

By SophieH | 25 Jun, 2015 | 0 Comments

    Don’t try this at home: making lightening bolts with rockets LIGHTNING, FOR OBVIOUS reasons, is difficult to study. But Martin Uman and a team of scientists at the International Center for Lightning Research and Testing at the University of Florida have rigged together a contraption that enables them to make their own bolts […]

Today’s physics news: Cockroach inspired robot, facial recognition and a stunning video

By SophieH | 24 Jun, 2015 | 0 Comments

    Cockroach robot uses shell to overcome obstacles Berkeley, California – US-based researchers have created a robot that can use its body shape to move through a densely cluttered environment. The team from the University of California, Berkeley based the robot on the humble cockroach and hope their design could be used to inspire […]

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