NQT blog: end of the first placement

This is the first 2012 posting from our student physics teacher (read his last post here) He’s feeling a little sad as his first placement has come to an end.

“The Christmas holidays, although a very welcome break, just flew past. I followed the advice of people around me and took a good week off completely from work. I had the opportunity to remind my friends and family who I am, allowing myself to leave the confines of the house to see daylight.

It also gave me the opportunity to reflect on the past term. And despite feeling that I needed more of a break, I realised I was keen to get back to school to implement some of the many ideas that had popped into my head whilst taking a break from it all.

The month following the Christmas holidays was my last one at my first placement school. It was a great month for me. I went on my first school trip and I planned and delivered a training session for the department! This included getting  out old physics equipment and giving it new uses.

I introduced ideas that have since become popular in my school, such as the jelly baby wave machine, and introduced an old water circuit board, an analogy used for teaching electric circuits, which looked like it had never been open.

It was great that, despite being a trainee teacher within a department where all the other teachers had far more experience and skill at being teachers, I was able to contribute to the continuing professional development of my colleagues.

It was sad to say goodbye to the first three classes of my teaching career. My pupils seemed to be genuinely sad to see me go. I even heard some pupils plotting to free up some room in the department for me – but maybe that said more about how they felt about a couple of the other science teachers than it did about me!

But they were not as sad as me to say goodbye. I really enjoyed all my time at the school. I consider myself one of the luckiest on my course, having worked in a department in which I was incredibly well supported and I had the opportunity to experiment and try out new ideas.

At the same time, I am also excited about my second and final secondary school placement which begins straight after half-term. And therein lies a story – see my next posting to find out more.”