PGCE blog: in the thick of it but still smiling


This is the fourth posting from our student physics teacher (read his last post here) and the last one of 2011. He’s busier than he ever imagined but he’s enjoying the challenges – and he’s looking forward to Christmas!

“In my last blog post I wrote about completing my first lesson. A month and a half later, having completed about 50 more lessons, that first lesson feels like a lifetime ago.

I still have a huge variety of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ lessons, but in each one I gain many victories: another shy pupil puts up their hand and answers a question, a different pupil gets higher than they expected from tests or a spontaneous debate begins halfway through a discussion.

It’s hard work. Every day I’m planning until it’s time to go to bed, and I get up early to crack on with some morning resource preparations and check my email at school before lessons start. Throughout the day I’m running round, getting lessons planned, prepared and getting ideas from here and there. The weekends are a great time to catch up with more school work as well as trying to get on top of university work.

I’m really tired, but I’m still smiling (most of the time) on my way to and from school. It’s the endless optimism from school staff and the energy and the wide-eyed wonder from the kids that keeps me and everyone one else going. I like all my classes and every single one of my pupils. I don’t care if one of my pupils gives me a lot of grief in one lesson, because I’m going to do my best to make sure they get the best from the next lesson. If they don’t connect with that lesson, I’ll try again – it only makes the satisfaction greater when they finally get their teeth into one of my lessons.

I am very much looking forward to a little break at Christmas, even if I do have lots of work to do over the holidays!”