Student teacher blog: looking forward to getting started

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We have a new blogger this year. Mia has just started a PGCE in science specialising in physics. After two years working as a science communicator, she’s gone back to the same university where she read for her undergraduate degree in natural sciences. She wrote just before she started this year, and clearly couldn’t wait to get started…..

“It’s a week before I start my course and I am dying to find out which school I am going to be placed in first. A lot of people say that the schools can make or break your experience on the PGCE so I suppose what I am dreading most is getting a difficult school. I am also slightly nervous about the enormous work load which I have been hearing a lot about. I have to keep thinking it’s just one year.

“Apart from that I have no real worries and I am looking forward to meeting the kids, getting stuck in and being able to work with and teach them over several weeks. Seeing their progression will be exciting.

“My first degree was basically a science pick ‘n’ mix. During my three years as an undergraduate, I took modules in maths, physics, chemistry, economics, psychology and even German. I found natural sciences a good way of maintaining a broad knowledge base.

“Since finishing my degree two years ago, I have been working as a science explainer at a science centre which has been amazing. I’ve worked with a great group of people in the science communication team and found the teaching side of the job enjoyable and rewarding. I have been teaching a variety of labs including forensic investigation and dark matter to school groups who visit the centre and have even helped them make methane-oxygen rockets. I enjoy this very much so the idea of doing the PGCE and being able to teach full time is really exciting.

“I haven’t had much time to do all the reading I would have liked to have done before starting the course but I have been reading a book called Brilliant Secondary School Teacher (by David Torn & Peter Bennett) which is very motivating and I would highly recommend. I am also trying to refamiliarise myself with the GCSE syllabus – it’s amazing how much I have forgotten! With a week before I start, I just want to get stuck in.”