Student teacher: got a job!

It took less than seven hours from the start of the day to receiving the phone call. Now Mia can concentrate on her teaching…


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I have a job – woo! It’s at the school that I’m on placement at now which is really nice because it gives everything I am doing at the moment a bit more focus as it is great preparation for September.

It really is true that girls in physics are in demand as I didn’t really have any trouble trying to get a position. The interview process wasn’t that scary either, but maybe this is because I was already in the school and knew some of the students and staff I was with throughout the day. It definitely wasn’t a given though as there were some other brilliant candidates.

The day started at 8.30am and we had a tour of the department and talked throughout the itinerary with the head of science who was leading the day. We had to teach a 30 minute lesson (which ended up being about 20 minutes with changeover time), had a tour of the school and then a 30 minute interview with the head of science and deputy head.

Not too scary, although experiences my friends have had seem a lot more intense so I’ve got off lightly there! The most nerve-wracking part was waiting for the phone call that afternoon. We left the school at about 1.30pm and they called at 3pm so the wait wasn’t too long!

I had secured the job before the February half-term so it was before starting my teaching placement. This was fantastic as it meant I could go into the 12 week placement without the worry and stress of applying for jobs, going to interviews and trying to plan my lessons all at once.

So far the teaching is going well. I am finding that I am much more efficient with my time and am getting a lot more done in school and in my frees so that I have more time in the evenings and at weekends to do the other things I like to do.

What I do miss is having other trainee teachers to chat to. I am the only student in science and there is no big staffroom for all staff so I rarely see the ones who are there in other subjects. We do have a weekly professional mentor session where we all meet up for an hour, have a chat about the week and get some new teaching and learning ideas. It’s a nice bit of downtime really.

I feel a lot more relaxed on this placement than the first and a lot happier in general. I think on my first placement I was struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel and was working myself too hard but I seem to have found a better balance now and everything seems more manageable.

Time goes really fast too! It’s only three weeks until the Easter holidays and then only six weeks of the placement until we finish for summer. Then my job doesn’t start until September so I have a nice long summer which is going to be great.

I need to keep working hard and to make sure that I keep making progress as this feels harder to do now. Hope it is going well for everyone else too!