Student teacher: I’ve finished my PGCE

Mia has completed her training year and reflects on how it went

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It’s over! They tell me I have QTS… just waiting for the letter to confirm!

The final week of the course was in uni, not really doing much to be honest. We had a day with all the scientists together and then a final day in our seminar groups. It was good to catch up with everyone, discuss summer plans, plans for next year etc. Then we had our graduation ball that week which was the final blowout with everyone together which was great.

Now I’ve had a few days to get over the initial excitement of being finished I have started to reflect on the last nine months. At times it felt like hell and that I wouldn’t make it through but I found that the key for me was taking it just one day at a time. In fact, only one person (a physicist) from the science PGCEs left the course, although there are another few who completed but have decided to not go into teaching.

Throughout the course, each week felt so long (and the weekends so fast!) but looking back now, collectively, the weeks seem to have flown by. And now I realise that the odd disaster of a lesson was nothing in the grand scheme of things and my mentor was right all along!

When I think back, things that come to mind are all the positives, all the relationships I have made, new ideas and skills learnt and most rewarding was helping students to achieve those lightbulb moments. I hope to stay in contact with all the friends I have made throughout the year and many of my peers have also secured jobs in schools in the local area so I’m sure we will continue to see each other, share ideas, resources and stories.

I am lucky enough to have a nice long summer to look forward to. Thanks to the IOP scholarship, I’m in a position where I can get away without working for a couple of months and just enjoy some down time and not thinking about teaching for a while. Right now I feel like I really need that but I’m sure as September edges ever closer I’ll be ready and raring to go.

Some people say the NQT year is much harder than the PGCE year and some much easier so I’m not sure who to trust really…. I’ll just have to wait and see and take each day as it comes!