Student teacher: the end of my first placement and I’ve made significant progress

Mia has been teaching for six weeks. It has been tough but she has learnt many lessons to take forward into her next placement. And right now, she’s counting down to Christmas.


Tomorrow is my last day at school. I can’t believe it – the time has gone so fast! This term has been very challenging and I have to admit I have been counting down the days until Christmas. But it was reassuring to hear our university mentors saying that this is completely normal and it’s exactly what they would expect to hear.


It will be sad leaving the school as I have had a great experience and have grown close to some of the pupils, staff and other trainee teachers. In the first week or two of teaching I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but things definitely got easier and my time management and time spent lesson planning significantly improved. It is important to give yolady blogger resizedurself some time off so I haven’t worked on Friday and Saturday nights to give myself a chance to recharge for the week ahead.


I feel like I have made significant progress over the six weeks teaching, especially in my behaviour management and assessment for learning. I have made a big effort to use a variety of teaching and learning strategies such as marketplaces, sage and scribes, map from memories etc. “The Teacher Toolkit” by Paul Ginnis is such a useful resource when looking for new strategies and ideas.


I recently had two formal observations from my mentors at university and these went really well, which was a great confidence boost. I feel much more confident in my ability than I did at the start of the placement.


I have helped run a Year 7 healthy eating club over the six weeks. I would highly recommend getting involved in some extra-curricular activities as this is a great way to get to know more of the students and see them outside of the typical classroom environment. It also gave me a good opportunity to work with staff from different departments.


I’m looking forward to the two week break and am excited to start in my new school in January. One thing I will make sure I do is maintain my firmer approach to behaviour which I didn’t do at the start of my diagnostic placement.


I am hoping to get some higher ability sets and the chance to work with some ‘gifted and talented’ pupils in my long placement. I am also going to try and teach some maths, which was a large part of my degree. With the science curriculum becoming more mathematical, it could really benefit my teaching and also improve my flexibility.


Now just a subject pedagogy essay stands in the way of me and the Christmas holidays!