Young physics graduates – future physics teacher Dom Golinski

Dominik Golinski is currently doing an internship at the IOP before starting his PGCE course in September. Here he shares his experience of studying for a physics degree and blogs about why he thinks physics teaching is the right career for him.

My name is Dominik Golinski and I am currently doing an internship here at the IOP in London. I’m working in the education section, updating and developing online career resources for school pupils. My main focus at the moment is on researching potential people to profile for the careers section of the website, giving pupils a chance to see how doing physics at A-level can lead to a wide variety of jobs – including radio DJ and video games designer as well as more traditional career sectors such as architecture and law.

I have recently graduated from the University of Nottingham, after having studied and completed an undergraduate BSc in Physics. For much of my life I have considered teaching a possible career choice, but it was only a couple of years back when I decided to look into it more. It was then that I started looking for work experience in the education sector. I was lucky enough to be accepted on an internship provided by the Ogden Trust, which allowed me to get five weeks full-time teaching experience – this experience convinced me that teaching was the right career choice for me.

I managed to get further teaching experience via my university, in the form of a communicating sciences module, which meant I went into a local school once a week to get some more hands-on experience in the teaching environment, this time in a prestigious school in a well to do area – in contrast to the previous school. It was during this time that I began applying for a PGCE placement to train to be a physics teacher. My experiences helped me to secure a place at Kings College London, where I will begin this coming September when I finish my internship here.

Near the end of my final year at university, I was looking for something to do with my final summer before I went into teaching. I knew it was my last chance to do an internship, as they are mostly provided for students who are still at university or only just graduated. It was then that I heard about the placements provided by the IOP, and I jumped at the chance to apply. Specifically, my internship in developing school career resources was ideal for me.

Not only does it give me more experience in the education sector, whilst being completely different to working in a school – I am also able to learn about what resources there are available to me when I begin my teacher training. It’s also great being a city worker for two months; though rush hour Tube travelling isn’t the most comfy, it encourages me to read the Metro/Evening Standard daily – I have never been this up to date with current affairs!

Any opinions expressed here are Dominik’s own and do not represent those of the IOP.